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Each one of us is wired for great adventure.

We search for it. We scour the colored patches on the map to find it. We try to hold it tight or uncover it in the eyes of someone else.

We laugh at how adventure molds us and challenges us. We become new people because of it.

And we believe, with every part of us, that your love story will be the most unmatchable adventures you ever commit yourself to. It’s one you can’t plan. One that has no map. You can only make a promise and then show up to keep it.




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Stixwood wood wall in Chico

TréCreative Wedding Photographers – More Than Just a Table

May 03, 2016

Girl at home working on her computer

Memorable Monday – Our Home Almost Burned Down!

May 02, 2016

watch this romantic wedding film at canyon view in san ramon

Canyon View Wedding Film – Chris&Lexie

April 30, 2016

the huv is our latest indiegogo kickstarter film

Commercial Filmmaking – Indiegogo Film Production – HUV

April 27, 2016

Couple taking anniversary photos in Bidwell Park

Chico Anniversary Photographer – Casey&Dani

April 26, 2016

TréCreative wedding photographers and videographers

Dear Chelsey, If Only You Knew…

April 21, 2016

cute couple in the TreBooth an open air style photo booth company in Chico California

Memorable Monday – Wedding Guest Shenanigans

April 18, 2016



For us, it’s about preserving the moments that matter most— the secret smiles behind pursed lips, the laughter mixing with music, the clinking of glasses, and the emotions of those who come to gather around you and celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.



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Thank you for visiting us and seeing what we have to offer. We are over-the-moon excited to
show you more and see if our services and your story are meant to be.

Let’s share life, let’s tell stories, let’s adventure together!

-Stephen&Chelsey 🙂

The rain in Chico has been so refreshing for me. We've had random several unfortunate happenings this week. My initial reaction had been look at all the negatives and point them out. With every storm, my character becomes stronger and in the end I have new sense that God is in control so I don't have to be! 
On a more exciting note, I've been updating our wedding magazine this week for all our amazing new #trebrides and looking through old photos I stumbled upon this one. The bright yellow wall paper reminded me even though circumstances feel out of control sometimes, after rain there is always sunshine!
We've known Mikaela since she was a freshman and now in less than 20 days she'll be graduating from High School. Craziness!! Time flies!
Way before every purchasing our home, we had big dreams for it. More than anything, we dreamed of having people over. Sharing life together! Today on the #trecreative blog we're sharing some of our core values about our business (and our home)!
I'm exporting our first wedding film of the 2016 season right now, which means it's time to sit back and relax as that progress bar slowly moves to the right. Meanwhile, @chels_diaz is studying up, watching replays from the inspiring @risingtidesociety #risingtidesummit :D

Anyone else catch the online summit this time around? Who were some of your favorite speakers? @risingtidesociety #risingtidesociety #tuesdaystogether #trecreative #trecrib
Our latest @indiegogo film went LIVE this week. @huvlife is like a hover board for your favorite things. A #sneakerhead dream come true. We geared this film towards those #sneakerholics out there, but this product can be used for so much more. We went all over #chico_california shooting in local spots. We have floating sushi from @therawbar_chico  and hovering merch at @truckerdeluxe . Check out the full film at the link in my profile or at HUV.life :D

#trecreative #kickstartervideo #indiegogofilm #commercialfilm #crowdfunding #sneakers #sneakerfiles #sneakerwatch
Calibrating my new 21:9 ultrawide curved monitor. It's crazy wide! Thanks for the wary birthday gift @chels_diaz :D
#spyder4 #datacolor #ultrawide #filmmaking #trecreative


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